About Us

Alcohol Detection Limited (ADL) is the New Zealand distributor of Alcohol Countermeasure Systems Inc alcohol breath testing devices and drug testing systems.

A company based in Canada, Alcohol Countermeasure Systems Inc (ACS), is a leading manufacturer of alcohol sensing and breath testing instruments. Formed twenty five years ago, to address the emerging market for portable Breathalyser devices, ACS has continued to actively engage in the research and development of breath analysis techniques and to introduce leading designs of breath analysis products to suit a variety of applications.

ACS is recognised for its expertise in the field of breath analysis and alcohol sensing technologies and offers innovative designs of "intelligent" products for law enforcement, industrial safety, clinical, public and personal markets.

Alcohol Detection Limited specialises in the sale or rental of a variety of alcohol breath testing products and drug testing devices. These products are "state of art” for alcohol and drug detection and are used by Police, Occupational Health and Safety organisations, hospitality industry and can also be used for personal use. See our Product List for further information.

Breathalyser For Recreational, Industrial and law enforcement applications